Thin Optical Substrates

Mark Optics manufacturers the thinnest optical substrates, wafers and thin coverslips. Our unique processing capabilities allow us to continue to challenge the physical limitations of thinning wafers. We have successfully polished 1” glass wafers to thicknesses of 25 micron (0.001”) and are working on achieving 15 microns (0.0006”). When necessary, TTV and parallelism can be controlled to +/- 5 microns (0.0002”) or better. We have successfully polished 100mm round wafers to 50 micron thicknesses out of fused silica and Schott Borofloat 33 materials. We are able to polish different shaped substrates as well (squares, hexagons, rectangles etc.). We are here to work with your engineers on these challenging substrates.

thin optical wafers

Mark Optics has worked with numerous research organizations and universities to carefully identify the different requirements of different wafer usage. Using this feedback, Mark Optics has come up with three distinct processes for the fabrication of our wafers. Which one we will use will depend on the collaboration and information the customer provides. We are not a one size fits all organization. Instead, together we make a decision that will ensure wafers that works for you.

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